Monday, January 19, 2009

Here it is

Look at that dirty cute little face.

Obviously a before picture.

I have been horrible about blogging lately and taking pictures, sorry. I'm not sure if anyone is even reading my blog anymore so I'm not sure if this post is just for me, some comments would be nice just so I know someone is out there reading this. Okay I'm done griping!

We finally broke down and got the boys hair cut yesterday, they have been wanting to grow their hair out a bit but we had no idea how to cut the back and sides to make it look nice so off to the barber we went. Cale and Ty's turned out really cute but Brock threw a major fit in the chair so we brought him home and cut it ourselves, we didn't want to but he was really starting to look like a girl, oh well they all look cute. I cut my hair last week myself, about two inches off the back, I'm sure it's uneven but I feel better for sure. I'm just trying to talk Morgan into letting me cut hers so her bangs will be the same length as the rest but haven't been able to convince her to do it yet

I got a funny picture of Brock and Ben, the kids all got balloons at the barber and the two of them were playing with the balloon, needless to say Ben bit it and it popped, you can see in the top of the picture the other half of the balloon flying and Brock still had a smile on his face. I must say Ben got quite the talking to by Brock after that, he was not happy =)

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Tammy said...

hey there... I have been bad at updates & commenting too lately...sorry, you can gripe all you want/need too girl! love the new pictures!