Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More and more apples

Ty and Brock helped get rid of apples in their own way!

Today we went and picked an additional 62 pounds of apples, when we got down to less than two pounds left from our original 32 I figured maybe we needed some more. Today we canned an additional three large jars and one small of applesauce and my poor little dehydrator is going and going and going with apple chips. I called all over trying to find an apple peeler/corer even though my mom offered me hers, I didn't want to wait until December but unfortunately was unable to find one, I think it was a God thing. I did however figure out another option which is much more cost effective. The kids did the peeling while I cored and sliced, they had their little ninety nine cent Ikea peelers and had a great time. They were begging and begging for more applesauce so if they want it they have to help I guess. We will be peeling and cooking apples for the next month I'm sure but we all love it and I am loving my stocked pantry knowing we did it ourselves!

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