Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just an update

Brock loves to "fly" gotta love that smile

So cute!

This is Cale's handiwork on the back slider, amazing cursive don't you think?

I feel like if I don't post every day I need an update post for my adoring fans, NOT! This past week flew by for sure. I only had Monday and Tuesday with daycare so Wednesday we went apple picking which brought back fond memories from my childhood. My camera was MIA that day so I don't have any pictures but we had a lot of fun. We picked 32 pounds in under an hour, came home and got to work. I have a food dehydrator which seems to have been running non-stop since then making apple chips, it is currently making banana chips, the majority of my family loves these, gag me with a spoon =) I've managed to can two jars of applesauce, six jars of apple butter, and three jars of apple pie filling, way easy especially when the first two were made in the crock pot. I am somewhat keeping to the no cereal breakfast this week except for Thursday, had to go to the doctor at 8:15, yes AM, in the next town so we had to leave here at 7:45 yuck so it was plastic baggies with cereal that day. I did get the mole on my nose removed and it's been sent to pathology at OHSU so I will let you know what the results of that are. Needless to say I have a rather large sore on my nose but hey either a huge mole or a small scar eventually right? Don was gone all week again, he got home yesterday around 1 and then we headed to the library for a Star Wars thing for the kids which they said was lame, oh well at least we tried to do something fun. I think that's about it from our oh so thrilling lives, but you're caught up. Oh school has gone well, we're looking for new math curriculum because the 3rd grade is a little overwhelming, roman numerals, measurements, multiplication and subraction with borrowing all at the same time. Now that my camera has reappeared I'll try and keep up on pictures, etc. Have a great weekend!

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