Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well we've been without dependable or quick internet for the past ten months and finally decided to sign up for CenturyLink and it is saving us $16 per month. I can't even begin to remember all the things we've done since February so here are some pictures.

Played with legos

Fed the ducks

Took pictures of trumpeter swans

Had a cat for 48 hours, did not get along with the dog, oh well.

Played spiderman

Pressure washed lots of stuff

Drove on the beach

Went to our favorite place on earth

Made a friend a birthday cake.


Acted silly


Loved each other

Got real live deep beautiful snow

Paper mached all kinds of things.

Went to a fish hatchery, that is a salmon on the middle left the thing under is a giant sturgeon, like shark size

Sat on a sturgeon statue

Played on a chariot

Went camping

My favorite kiddos!

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