Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where I use a lot of punctuation

Wow, it's almost been three weeks since I posted last, that's a long time huh? =)  Well, something that we've been struggling with since the first week of January is we received a letter from the workmans comp board denying part of Don's claim, they've only approved the elbow but denied that the back, neck, and shoulders is work related. Soo, we ended up having to hire an attorney and file an appeal (the hearing isn't until April 8th.) Luckily an attorney in a workmans comp case is no charge unless we receive a settlement which we aren't looking for anyhow, we just want the state to see that his pain is work related and help us deal with getting Don better.  Needless to say it's been a bit stressful here along with the fact that I currently only have one daycare family (I have an interview Thursday with a new family that would also be part time but still its something.)  We have been spending time lately looking at camping stuff for the potential of being able to purchase some kind of trailer this spring, it's been fun, and free (yeah) Of course we've found quite a few dream trailers but we must bring our reality into the mix, we hope to find something to fit seven to eight people so we can bring grandmas or friends along.  It seems to be the only way we will be able to go on vacation with our kids and it was something I really enjoyed doing growing up with my family.

The kids are all doing well, losing teeth, building legos, painting on the carpet (ugh.) We still don't have our desktop back, we went to pick it up in Salem and found that somehow in their shipping they broke the front faceplate to the whole thing so they are sending it back again to repair that. I am a little concerned that if something that harsh happened to it that the interior repair they did may not actually still be fixed, we will see.  So we are continuing to use Don's laptop and I have a few pictures on my camera and some video but will have to wait til we get our regular computer back to upload them to the blog.

Hmm, I am rambling, just doing a little catchup on some of the highlights or lowlights, you decide. Hope you all are doing well.

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