Monday, September 20, 2010

Prepare's a long one.

I know I know yep it's been a while again. Struggling with what to say, had a birthday that made me feel old and now hubby has been gone a week and the possibility of another week and a half have got me in the "depths of despair" (Princess bride quote) It's not that bad, just a huge downer when you are single parenting it! So we've been finding ways to have fun and not focus on who is missing in our family lately.

Morgan and I did makeovers. I think hers may have been a little better than mine. I look like a crazy person, especially the eyepoking mascara. Hey beauty is pain but that was ridiculous =)

Yep had to kiss the kids with that wicked dark lipstick.

This past weekend we went on a rainy day hike over in Corvallis, we had fun, got muddy and of course wet.

We paused half way up, it was steep and slick.
We loved the way the plants formed an archway over the path.
The hill in the picture in front of us is what we climbed to the top of.

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