Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No pictures

I haven't taken any pictures the past couple days but thought I would give a rundown of our exciting life. The kids went next door yesterday and picked some pears, they are now in paperbags ripening so we can can them soon. Yesterday and today we headed out on a walk in the evenings all four kids and the dog. We've had a great time. Tonight we saw some bats flying around which did not freak me out for once. I kept thanking them for eating the bugs for us. I'm gonna have to snap a picture of Ty tomorrow, he was wrestling with someone and got a black eye out of it. I hate, hate, hate wrestling and this is the very reason. I am all for running off your energy but wrestling just seems like fighting and it never seems to end well, Ty's eye to be specific oh and the time he popped his elbow out of joint... Anyhow, boring I'm sure but hey I'm posting right???

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