Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I've got no pictures from the past week just didn't happen. We are plugging away on the last little bit of homeschool for the older two and then Ty has probably a month left to finish 1st grade. He's a trooper, two grades in a regular school year. Can't believe we've been homeschooling for two years, can't wait to see what is yet to come as we continue on our journey.

Hmm, what else...we got the front yard weeded, still need to do the backyard so we can plant the garden, HOPEFULLY! Each time we think about it the rain comes or I have a house full of kids and no ambition to weed =) I go in for some blood work soon to see what my vitamin D levels are along with how my thyroid medicine has affected my system. All I know is I feel tired, fatigued, all around bummed lately and I'm hoping the bloodwork will reveal something to help with my bummedoutedness =)

We are looking forward to this summer, visiting friends, more daycare, lots of walks and hopefully we will get to head to Washington to visit my mom and brother. We have yet to go to either of their houses and I have a nephew I have yet to meet. I will take some pictures this week to share. Hope you are well!

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