Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In which we get out of town

This past weekend we headed to Elkton, Oregon to see the butterfly gardens. Upon arriving we found that flowers and plants that attract butterflies are the attraction, we got to see some butterflies that had been hatched inside and didn't see any outside. The saving grace of the whole thing was they have also build replica of Fort Umpqua on the property. We were able to walk around it, and meet some amazing men, one is a historian who seems to know everything about Oregon history, and I know none since we aren't originally from here. Then we met a man who does camps like goes to different historic areas and camps with a bunch of other people in the timeperiod of the location which is totally up my alley! We got to see a couple of old guns, which he uses for hunting still, candles, blankets, etc. It was so cool. It was a great day just hanging out with the kids and getting out of town.

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