Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So essentially Don started school last Wednesday and as of today he is officially two weeks ahead of schedule in his class. He has been scoring 100% on all his assignments and tests. WOOHOO! We have slowly begun to decorate for Christmas (writing stuff on windows, ha) Hoping to get the other decorations up this weekend but we will see how everyone is feeling. Also on the knee front for Don, he went in for his six week checkup and he isn't anywhere near where he should be as far as healing so the doctor decided to get him into physical therapy.  They don't often do therapy after this kind of surgery but his case hasn't been typical from the very beginning. So next week that begins. The kids are doing well with school and the older two began going to the junior/senior high youth group and have really been enjoying themselves. It also gives Don and I some time with Ty and Brock which has been a lot of fun for all of us. Ty, Cale, and Morgan also decided to participate in the Christmas program this year and were immediately recruited for Mary, Joseph, and a sheperd. There are no speaking parts but they are all nervous but also very excited. I will make sure to charge my flip camera so you guys can see how cute they were. I do think it's weird that brother and sister are playing Mary and Joseph but they are the oldest kids in the program so thats the way it goes. I have been enjoying sewing a lot, seems to be my stress release lately =) I do however think that one can have too many cloth grocery bags and I have well exceeded that amount, oh well we are green here I guess, lol. Signing off for today. Sorry for the spacing between posts but this should hopefully make up for some of that =)

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