Monday, April 18, 2011

Our first camping adventure

We survived and had the most amazing time. I can tell you I feel so relaxed after a few days away from the house doing super fun things! Oh and it only rained Friday night and was overcast Saturday until mid day when the sun tried poking through. Of course Sunday was beautiful but I can honestly say I wouldn't have cared if it rained all weekend. We had a blast!! Can't wait to go again.

We left town at 6 Friday night and got to the coast at 7:45. We found our beloved campsite, with a few huge puddles and rain coming down. We left the kids and the dog in the suburban while we tried to set up the trailer. Our first "issue" was someone left the water faucet open so when we turned on the outside water the inside sink filled and overflowed all over the floor in the bathroom. Thankfully I brought a ton of towels and we used at least half to clean that up. Finally let the kids and dog out and Brock started looking a little iffy then ran to the bathroom and managed to throw up on the lid and the floor of the toilet but none actually made it in (yep more towels) He ran a fever on and off all weekend but was in pretty good spirits and slept well. He went to bed last night at around 6pm and didn't wake up this morning until 7.

We got up with the birds on Saturday and had our meals, went to check out another campsite, a little visit to walmart for some things we didn't realize we would need like marshmallow roasting forks, duh who forgets those =) Oh get this I have yet to find myself a pair of rain boots, my little feet are too wide  so I spent the weekend in my hiking boots which aren't really meant for sitting around, oh well, my search will continue for those.  Saturday night we bbq'ed burgers and then roasted marshmallows yum!!! Sunday we  slept in a little then decided to pack up because we didn't know how long it would take to load up and with the unknown sewer dump looming we decided to start early. Well half an hour later we were at the sewer disposal which thankfully went off without a hitch, maybe a little gag here and there but no leakage, spillage or other yuck, unlike the guy in front of us who splashed something yellow on his shoes, YUCK!!!

We got home around noon, started what turned in to nine loads of laundry, did a little yardwork. By 5 we were all exhausted but of course Morgan and I after some thrifty coupon clipping headed to Albertsons were we got $20 worth of stuff for $9 along with two coupons, one for a pound of free frozen veggies, and another for a 24 pack of water. So with those two items my $9 spent and then getting free water that is usually $4 and veggies that are usually $2. I got $26 worth of stuff for $9 Woohoo.  We have two more trips planned before Wednesday to Safeway and Walgreens. I will admit to the fact that I am buying things that we need and will use like Don is almost out of razors and I will get those free at Walgreens and then Easter items at Safeway!!!!

Wow, that was a long post, I will put on a slew of pictures to counterbalance my overuse of words =)

Don cooking our bacon and eggs
Cool tree near our trailer.
Someone took a lot of time building this shelter almost exclusively of driftwood.
Don teaching Cale to use a hatchet.
Oh Ben did awesome! So thankful for how well he did.

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Anonymous said...

looks like you had a wonderful time!! YAY!! cant wait until we can go together!