Friday, December 17, 2010


For the past two months there has been a black cloud of worry and stress hanging over Don and I regarding his workmans comp claim and it was finally, finally lifted yesterday when we got the best letter in the mail telling us that it was accepted! We knew God would provide either way but to have two words in black and white "CLAIM ACCEPTED." Both of us slept better last night for sure! It was kind of hard looking at Christmas presents, etc. not knowing if we should save any and all money we had to start putting towards MRI's and physical therapy but now, we are free, woohoo! Not to go crazy mind you on presents but to at least feel like we aren't in limbo anymore=)

In other news, MY MOM IS COMING TUESDAY! We haven't seen her since August and I am dying for a Mom hug!!! Merry Christmas!

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