Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello again, I haven't really felt up to posting on the blog, not feeling like I had anything to say and overall feeling tired and worn out lately. We haven't been super busy lately, Don has been home every night for the past six, almost seven weeks because he was injured at work and they have him working light duty. It has changed our lives in a pretty major way as far as having him home at the same time nightly. We still don't have an exact diagnosis on what's going on with his back, shoulders or elbow but they are going to do an MRI in the next few weeks on his neck to see if they can pinpoint where the pain is coming from. Please be praying as we have approached his employer in hopes of them creating a position for him that would take him out of the truck completely. They want him to heal first and then will discuss it but pay, hours, expectations would all have to fall into place as this would be a total God's will kind of thing. We of course know how we would like His will to go but alas we aren't in control =)

Here's some pictures from the past couple weeks and I will try and post more regularly (Sorry Mom =)

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Tammy said...

I havnt been doing much posting either (except pictures) I never know what to say ;) thanks for the update....I will be praying for Don's back , etc. & the job thing also! great pictures!