Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Smarty pants

Last week I took the three older kids for their yearly homeschool testing. They did amazing and were each in the 99th percentile. I worried last year and this year because I didn't know what the kids are learning in public school. I worried that I hadn't taught them everything they should be learning and it all comes down to one test to show how we've done for an entire year. Of course they did fine, I knew in my heart they would but I couldn't get past my worrying little brain! Each year comes with the unknown especially with Morgan because I've obviously never taught 5th grade or higher. Now that Ty has made it through kindergarten and first grade I feel confident in teaching Brock in a couple years. It's me remembering to NOT worry and that homeschooling was God's plan and He will help me, guide me, etc. Oh man if I could just remember that it would be so much easier.

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