Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hey Mom!

Ha! I made a deal with my mom that if she started posting more regularly on her status with Facebook I would start being better in blogging so here goes. I don't have any pictures to share which means my poor camera needs a workout SOON! We have been busy with the usual things, daycare, homeschool, life, friends, church. Yes I said it CHURCH. After a long time of feeling not so positive about going to church I finally realized, duh by the way, that the whole things is my decision as to whether I am going to trust my pastors and the staff at a church to live right lives. Why should I let that whole politics of a church have any meaning on my walk? It's my choice, my walk, my relationship with Christ not anyone elses. Yes there have been some things in the past few years that have really challenged me and my walk and I took a major step back from church in general. I still attended a small bible study weekly and did some study things with the kids but that was it. Looking back it seems like I wasted so much time thinking about me but I also realize, I have a personal relationship with Christ that is mine, not directed or governed by anyone else, I love Him because I love Him, not because of my dad, or a pastor or anyone else. Granted we've only been to church twice but hey two weeks in a row is a big deal in the grand scheme of our lives. I am rambling but wanted to get it written down. I'm sure not many people will care but hey I've had a big lifechanging thing happen in my life recently and want to share it and also to have something to look back on to remind me where I don't want to go again. I am so thankful for the family and friends that God has put in my life, I couldn't make it without any of you!


The Beckham 5 said...

Thank you for posting what you did about going to church...I've had my own struggles lately with wanting to go for a few different reasons.....I'm glad someone else feels the same way i do even if it is for different reasons~
Thanks again for posting this.....I needed to hear that.

Jeremy and Ang said...

I miss you so freaking much... Where is my partner in time and crime?? lol I am so thrilled to hear you guys are headed to church. Am hoping to go on Saturday...God willing. I also ordered a new bible that I am really excited about..ill tell you when we talk. =)

The Isaacson Fam said...